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The American Spirit Mustang On Tour: The Story of Bill – Duquoin Ill
June 8th 2010
Many people have asked: Why? Why did you build this car? The answer is I built this car for Bill! Lynette and I met Bill on the Hot Rod Power Tour on June 8th 2010 Bill is a World War II veteran, and he was there with his friend who takes care of him and helps him to the doctor, or to come out and see the events like the Hot Rod Power Tour. I saw Bill approach the car slowly, he was taking a very close look and then he bent over  and ever so gently touched a picture of WWII on the car, and you could see the emotion, the memories come flooding back to him. Bill’s care taker came up to Lynette and I and told us that Bill was a WWII veteran, so I got up and told thank you for his service and that we built this car as a tribute to him and his sacrifices. This brought Bill and his care taker to tears and the emotion of a life spent serving something bigger than himself came back in full force. I don’t know how old Bill is, but as he circled the car and examined all the pictures, he took the time to really look at and touch and remember it was heartwarming, and heart breaking to watch him and the overall emotion and reaction that Bill had to the car and the message it sends. It was great to get to meet Bill, and he was truly honored that we recognize and remember the sacrifices that he and the greatest generation made to insure that we are free, and that the United States remains the greatest nation on earth.  As Bill turned with a salute, he said thank you, and as he walked away he turned for one last look and with a wave walked off into the crowed.
Bill and those like Bill who put on the uniform and did the job that needed to be done – just like the young men and women of today’s generation is why we built this car and the importance of raising the awareness of those sacrifices so the rest of us can rest under the protection and security they provide.   
- Scott Lewis


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The American Spirit Mustang helps raise funds for the Fisher House Organization whom are dedicated to helping disabled Veterans and their families. Our young men and women were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for us so lets help support them.

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