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Colonel Nick Nickelson, Sir!

As I entered the Medical area of Fort Sam Houston today to deliver the letter to allow us to bring 20 American Heroes out to our next South Texas Dove Hunt “you just had to have been there.” As I drove through the areas of housing where these soldiers live to heal, there are walkways or crossing where cars are to stop to allow people to cross. As I stopped, there in front of me in the crossing were Wounded Warriors, young kids in wheelchairs missing legs and arms going about their business joking and kidding with each other like you and I would do
each and every day.

Many things crossed my mind as I sat in the comfort of my car waiting for these Warriors to cross, without their personal sacrifices, which they have given up for the rest of their lives I would not be enjoying the life I live. I had another thought, probably a wasted thought, how I would like the people who complain about this country, come out here and see firsthand what is going on!

God Bless America!!

- JV


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