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The American Spirit, what does that mean?
The American Spirit Mustang is a small tribute to the American Soldiers that fought, died, and overcame the odds to insure that our country remains free and a representation of the Spirit, The American Spirit that built this country into what it is today and insures our future freedoms.

It is so important that we never lose sight of the fact that we had to fight for what we have the rights that people take for granted or throw around lightly. These rights were paid for with the sacrifices and the blood of American men and women who put on the uniform of the United States and fought for our rights and died for our freedom.

This tribute is to recognize that sacrifices that our brave men and women have put forth to insure that we can question our government, we have the choice to live the way we choose, that we have the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The next time you say it is my right, it is our right, it is a free country, say thank you to the American Soldier because this idea of a free democracy is so fragile, so delicate that it must be protected and the people who protect it are called the American Soldiers.

The American Spirit Mustang

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The Fisher House FoundationA Soldier's Wish ListParalyzed Veterans of AmericaArmy and Navy AcademyDarryl Strawberry Foundation

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The American Spirit Mustang helps raise funds for the Fisher House Organization whom are dedicated to helping disabled Veterans and their families. Our young men and women were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for us so lets help support them.

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